About Us

About Us

PoetryBlogRankings.com is a website primarily designed to efficiently organize a database of every online blogging poet no matter which site their blog is affiliated with. Poets and readers of poetry are all welcome to register.

The superficial reason for doing this is to acknowledge and showcase the top rated poets, generating a mass audience for the entirety of the site in the process. The secondary reasons, though, are far more important. The design of the site is to inspire and encourage the artistic ability that is within us all and to place that ability on display to inspire a broad range of others. Having all the online poets listed on one site is a great way to learn from one another and a great way to present ourselves to the world.

Poets are collected from the following sites as well as other sites from around the world:

www.myspace.comwww.allpoetry.comwww.poesysite.comwww.poetrywithmeaning.comwww.postpoems.comwww.lastwords.comwww.vampirefreaks.comwww.starlitecafe.comwww.greatestjournal.comwww.gonegothic.comwww.anothersky.orgwww.deviantart.comwww.tagworld.comwww.lovelandia.comwww.poetrypoem.com,  www.eliteskills.comwww.my.opera.comwww.writerscafe.orgwww.poemhunter.comwww.gather.comwww.pmyner.comwww.booksie.comwww.theverbalartist.netwww.candyacidreign.comwww.editred.comwww.poetry2share.comwww.netpoets.comwww.pathetic.orgwww.authorsden.comwww.writing.com,

If the site you use is not mentioned above, please let us know.

This is just the beginning, however. At the start, this site might just be a popularity contest. And as time passes (perhaps a month or two), this site should grow to become a random collection of good poets. But, in less than a year, PoetryBlogRankings.com should become an adamant collection of the finest poets from all over the world. This site should eventually become a place where those who love poetry can come to indulge their passion in every way, shape, and form. A top rating on this site should become something so solid that it can be properly mentioned in a resume or even on a publishing request form.

Registering as a poet and/or a voter is free and easy, as is everything else on this site. Poets are highly encouraged to vote for themselves as well as invite their own readers in order for the interactivity of this site to reach its full potential. Each poetry blog listed on this site will have the opportunity to be rated on our 10 star scale calculated with the same formula IMDb.com uses. Only poets that have a certain number of votes will be given a rating and a chance to make the top 100 that is featured on the main page. Registered voters have access to the full database of poets and can rate and view any and all of the various poetic blogs. Voters are asked to read at least three poems when rating a poet they’re unfamiliar with, and only votes from regular voters are calculated into the rating formula to ensure the most accurate assessment of all the online poets.

Every poet- upon registration- is given their very own profile, a url link to that profile, and an HTML created banner to place on their blog that their readers can click on to be sent directly to their PoetryBlogRankings profile to be rated. Registering poets are asked to make sure their poetry blogs are accessible to anyone in the world by the link they provide on the site. That means, any privacy settings must be removed and you should only register if the site you use is available to non-members. If you need a site like that, please visit any of the sites mentioned above. All of this is to ensure that the ratings produced are as close to a true estimate of all the amazing talent that’s out there as possible. The idea is to make this site a reader of poetry would love to become a part of, and there is no better way to do that than to strive to appeal to a mass audience.

The site is still growing, not only in number, but in services offered to all the poets and readers of the online world. With many future ideas, this site should grow to be a huge success taking all of its members along for the ride.